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" A barn door is more than a point of entry. A barn door provides an opportunity to creatively open, close and completely personalize a space"

- Jeff King, President/CEO


FEATURED PHOTO: meet our leadership - chad & adam king!

The Barn Door Store is an industry leading custom barn door manufacturer well known in Arizona, and throughout the nation.

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Evolving from a rich history in the residential construction, remodel and building material sales industries, The Barn Door Store was founded in 2012 by Jeff King and his oldest son; Chad. A few years post inception, Adam King left his corporate career to join his father and brother in running the operation. Today the company is primarily run by Chad, Adam, their management staff and team of highly skilled door builders and finishers.


Located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona this family owned company is a leading manufacturer of custom barn doors, barn door hardware, decorative ceiling beams and fireplace mantels. Each barn door is uniquely handcrafted for its specific application and individual customer.









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Each and every one of our barn doors is handmade by skilled craftsmen.

We understand that you may have been dreaming of the perfect barn door to compliment a particular space in your home and we can make your barn door dreams a reality. Perhaps you want a barn door to create additional privacy for a home office, guest bedroom or bathroom.


In addition to creating the perfect style barn door, correct door sizing for successful functionality is critical. We build each barn door specifically to correctly fit the opening it will be covering.


After we have determined the correct size barn door for your specific opening, we let the design process begin. Whether you select a barn door from our Barn Door Collection or you have a particular door style you want us to recreate you can be sure that we’ll build you a barn door to be proud of.


Since 2012 we’ve been building custom barn doors reflecting rustic, traditional, classic and modern designs in our Scottsdale, Arizona factory.

Barn Door Collections

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Our doors are available in a multitude of stain colors, or unfinished for
your onsite paint or stain matching. 

Please stop by our showroom to view stain samples on Knotty Alder

Barn Doors

Modern Metal Doors

Introducing The Modern Metal Door Collection, bringing a modern twist to our traditional style.

This collection is offered with an array of door styles and configurations. Additionally, you can select the glass, door  finish and handle style to ensure that your design statement is perfect for any specific room. 


Our new Modern Metal Door Collection incorporates glass panels housed in an aluminum frame with a powder coated finish allowing for total customization. Like our traditional doors, we make each door to perfectly fit the opening it will cover. A sliding door will add beauty and style to any space, while using minimal square footage in the most efficient way to close off any room.


This new collection provides a sense of privacy while preserving the rooms open appearance and maximizing the use of natural light, when desired.

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Modern Metal Doors

When it comes to barn door hardware, our passion is to provide you with superior quality and exceptional service. Since 2012 we have been creating barn door hardware solutions that make sense.  Our proprietary innovations and depth of product offerings set us apart from the rest of the industry.


Our HD Classic and HD Vintage Spoked Wheel Kits support barn door weights up to 650 pounds. Our traditional kit offers a Polyurethane Wheel for ultra-quiet, smooth performance. We offer Traditional Bypass barn door hardware systems as well as a Single Track Bypass system for a clean non obtrusive look. Our Proprietary Floor Guide mounts directly to a wall or baseboard to keep your barn door from swinging outward and tracking correctly. Experience our Anti Slam technology making your barn door extra safe for kids with a Soft Close System.

Barn Door Hardware



Hardwood BEAMS

Our ceiling beams are handcrafted in our Scottsdale, Arizona manufacturing facility by our talented woodworking artisans. Beams add a very unique architectural detail to any room in your home or office. When ceiling beams are added to a room, the transformation is magical – and instantly turns the space from “Ordinary to Extraordinary.”


We build a 3-sided box beam from beautiful hardwoods which look solid and structural. However; the center is hollow by design drastically reduce the weight of the beam and makes installation very easy.


In an effort to replicate yesteryear craftsmanship, all of our finishes, distressing and shaping techniques are done by hand.

Beam lengths range up to 24 feet. If multiple beams need to be butted together, deco iron straps can be applied over each joint for a slight additional cost.


Our polyurethane beam collection is broad in design and texture and have an authentic look like no other. Our brand is recognized as the leader in polyurethane product design and innovation. From old world styles replicating hand hewn beams to classic modern designs, we have the right beam for your home or office.

This collection can be stained in beautiful, rich color tones or painted in the
color of your choice.

Our faux beams are cast from real wood planks and timbers allowing the natural impressions of the wood grain and knots to show. The visual appearance and texture of our polyurethane beams appear to be authentic. Our in- house finishing division will apply your chosen finish by hand creating high and low tones throughout the beam. Beam
lengths range up to 24 feet. If multiple beams need to be butted together, we can generally mask joints with our proprietary quick-set process or deco iron straps can be applied over each joint for a slight additional cost.


We build our fireplace mantels from reclaimed barn wood and beautiful hardwoods.


Each mantel is handcrafted in size specific to your application. We believe a mantel adds beautiful detail to a fireplace, but most importantly it should be sized based on how you will be using the mantel related to what you will be displaying on top of the mantel. Each mantel is unique in design and size and the finish of your choice is carefully applied by hand.


Floating shelves have many practical uses and present a clean look in kitchens, dens, bathrooms and fireplace surrounds. We build our shelves from reclaimed barn wood and hardwoods. Just like our fireplace mantels, each shelf is handcrafted in size specific to your application and the finish of your choice is carefully applied by hand.

fireplace mantels & shelves

Mantels & Shelves




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