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The Importance of Detail / Meet Bobby

At The Barn Door Store attention to detail is a substantial part of our process. We believe

that when crafting a custom barn door each part of our operation must be oriented around the

details. This begins immediately when selecting your barn door. The priority of our sales

associates is to make sure you get the barn door of your dreams. We spend time with each

customer hand selecting every aspect of their door to ensure they receive a product they consider ideal. We even come out to your home before putting your door into production to make certain every part of your door you have selected is exactly what you want. After putting each door into production its first stop is our wood shop where each door is hand crafted by our talented artisans. Each board is hand selected, and every door is assembled with utmost care. The door then moves from the woodshop to the sanding shop. The sanding process is an essential part of crafting a barn door. It is a three-step process that assures each door is smooth and free of imperfections. Sanding also allows for paint and stain to adhere to the wood surface of the door properly. From the sanding shop each door enters the finishing shop where the paint or stain of your choice is applied by one of our master finishers. Each hardware kit we produce is also hand crafted in house by our metalworkers, taking the time to piece together each kit and make sure all components are finished to perfection. The final step of our process is installing your door. Being the last step of our process, this part may be the most detail oriented. Our installers handle each door with as much care as possible and take the time to perfect each install, making sure you receive not only a stunning door but one that functions flawlessly.

One of the most important details within the process of crafting a barn door is sanding. I

wanted to take some time to introduce Bobby, the head of our sanding department here at The

Barn Door Store. Bobby has worked in the sanding department for almost a year now. When I

asked Bobby why his department is so essential, he told me he feels as though sanding gets

everything adequate. He told me that he feels like the door builders can put together the

pieces of wood in order to draw a good picture of what the door is going to look like. Through

the process of sanding, he can add his own touches and leave certain characteristics on the door in order to give it more character. I asked Bobby to briefly run us through his process when a door enters the sanding shop. He said the first thing he does is check the specifications of the

door to make sure they are correct. He then checks for any flaws in the wood. He feels each door with his bare hands before sanding it, he claims that in doing this his hands tell him what needs to be done to the door with his tools. He then explained how he uses certain sanding techniques depending on what he feels the door needs- some doors need more attention than others. I asked Bobby what his favorite part of working at The Barn Door Store is. He told me that it’s the creativity, no day here at The Barn Door Store is the same, each day comes with new challenges and new progress. Bobby said that essentially his goal is to do the best job possible before sending the door to the next guy.

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