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The Most Popular Application for a Barn Door; Master Bedroom to Master Bathroom

If you have recently moved to Arizona or have been a resident of the state for years you

may have noticed something about your primary bedroom, there is no door separating the

bedroom from the bathroom. Although this may seem like an elimination of privacy in your

space there is an explanation for it. The lack of a door in this space is oftentimes a choice by the

builder of the home in order to avoid the disruption that a traditional hinged door may cause.

When a traditional hinged door is in the open position it takes away from the actual space in the

room itself. Another common problem with the absence of a door in this space is a lack of

privacy. A lot of the time a significant other may be waking up earlier than their partner. When

they enter the bathroom an abundance of light and sound is poured into the bedroom itself,

disrupting the person sleeping. With all these problems arising you may be wondering what to

do, I can assure you that there is an easy and practical solution.

The application of a barn door or sliding door is the perfect way to separate your

bedroom from your bathroom. Whether it is one of our modern metal doors or a Traditional

wood barn door we have a door that will accommodate your needs functionally and aesthetically. Our modern metal door collection is offered with a wide selection of door styles and configurations. Allowing you to select the glass, door finish, as well as handle style ensures that you receive the door of your desire. This collection of doors will be able to provide the feeling of privacy you are seeking while still adding a sense of style to your space. Additionally, our wood barn doors are also a great way to maximize the efficiency of your space while still adding a sense of uniqueness to your room. Our wood barn doors come in a large variety of styles that include solid wood doors or a combination of wood and glass. Each door comes in the stain color or paint finish of your choosing. Each door has the option to have a full-length mirror which adds an extra sense of functionality to your door and your space. If you want to add privacy to your bathroom while still maximizing the amount of space in your bedroom, a barn door or a sliding door is a great option.

For more information about our products or installation services you can contact us at

(480)-688-3820 or send us an email at You can also visit our

showroom located in the Scottsdale Airpark at 7655 E. Gelding Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

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